Disruption Risk Analysis

Our Everything 4.0 Technological and Digital Disruption Risk Analysis is a thorough scan and investigation of possible disruption risk factors of your industry and business.

We have all heard of well-known names like Kodak, Borders, Blockbuster, Toy’R’us and many more who were disrupted by emerging business models and players. They were mostly caught by surprise when the emerging models quickly became dominant and upend the long established status quo. By the time disruption hits, it is too late to respond and the game is over.

Similarly, most companies today are not fully aware of the disruptive technologies, trends and threats that could impact their businesses. By not appreciating the complete set of technological disruption factors, they risk being blindsided by fast emerging tech-based competitors, rapidly changing consumer behavior and cannibalization by adjacent industries. 

Only with the full knowledge of their disruption risks can companies shift from a reactive to a pre-emptive posture and future-ready mode. They can then take necessary steps to mitigate the risks and make the critical investments to seize the opportunities to become disruptor themselves.

A full disruption risk analysis is a crucial first step in convincing management that it is no longer “business as usual”, mobilizing internal resources to transform and igniting the company’s innovation agenda.

“The biggest risk to businesses today is not knowing what they do not know that will put them out of business – due to technological disruption.” Charlie Ang

Complete Technological and Digital Disruption Risk Analysis

Disruption Risk Scanning

Thorough scan of disruptive technologies (Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Blockchain, AR/VR, Internet of Thing, Autonomous Vehicles, Nanotech, Cleantech, etc), threats and threats that could impact the industry

Disruption Opportunity Identification

Discovery of disruption, opportunity and blue ocean spaces for companies to imagine, explore and innovate in.

Disruption Risk Assessment

Systematic assessment of the identified list of risks accordingly to type, impact, probability and time horizon.

Disruption Risk Presentation

Preparation of Report and Presentation to Top Management (in-person or online).

We provide this solution to organisations and enterprises of all sizes from all industries around the world

Our Methodology

Our Everything 4.0 Technological and Digital Disruption Risk Analysis is based on our signature Everything 4.0 Demand-Supply Disruption Methodology (TM) which identifies both demand and supply side disruption risks.

We apply a 4-Step Approach in developing the complete disruption risk profile and educating the company on it.

Potential benefits include:

  • Awareness of Disruption Risk Factors
  • Identification of Blue Ocean Opportunities
  • Mobilization of Internal Resources to Innovate
  • Securing Management Buy-In and Support for Transformation
  • Mitigation and Minimization of Disruption Risks
  • Shift from Reactive Mode to Pre-emptive and Future-Ready Stance

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