Future-Readiness Assessment

Our Everything 4.0 Future-Readiness Assessment is an online assessment solution that evaluates the Future-Readiness of organizations, management teams, business units, functional departments and individuals.

We have all heard of well-known names like Kodak, Borders, Blockbuster, Toy’R’us and many more who were disrupted by emerging business models and players. They were mostly caught by surprise when the emerging models quickly became dominant and upend the long established status quo. By the time disruption hits, it is too late to respond and the game is over.

Similarly, most companies today are too past oriented or present focused. They are preset to existing ways of business and, hence unable to embrace new trends and modalities fast enough. Unfortunately, they will not be able to withstand technological disruption in their business when it happens. 

Instead, today’s organizations must be ambidextrous, having the ability and focus to “Exploit the Now” and “Explore the New”. They must be future-ready by anticipating the future, making the necessary preparations and building new capabilities to capitalize when the accelerating future comes.

Our Everything 4.0 Future-Readiness Assessment gauges the future-readiness level of organizations and individuals.

“More and more business failures will not be failures of execution but failures of imagination.”, Charlie Ang

5 Future-Readiness Levels

(5) Future-Shaping

Organizations that create revolutionary impact, re-shape the world and invent the future in its image.  Likely to be the world beater and unstoppable force of business in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

(2) Future-Anxious

Organizations that are awakened to the disruptive future but held back by fear, inertia and lack of knowledge. Likely victim of Fourth Industrial Revolution, unless willing to explore and invest into the future today.

(4) Future-Leading

Organizations that accelerates the future, rather than wait for it passively and leads the industry in the unknown, instead of staying with the rest of the pack. Likely to emerge as your industry’s leader in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

(1) Future-Oblivious

Organizations that are too internally focused and past/present oriented; blind to the risks, opportunities and revolutionary changes of the disruptive future. Almost a certain casualty of Fourth Industrial Revolution.

(3) Future-Ready

Organizations that has one eye into the future and ready to pounce when emerging trends turn into viable opportunities. Likely beneficiary of Fourth Industrial Revolution.

We provide this unique solution to organisations and enterprises of all sizes from all industries around the world

Our Methodology

Our Everything 4.0 Future-Readiness Assessment is our signature toolkit based on our proprietary Everything 4.0 Future-Readiness Methodology (TM). It provides a holistic view of the organization’s internal readiness to deal with disruptive and rapid changes to its industry and business.  

Organizations can benefit from understanding their future-readiness levels from the organization, management team, business unit, functional department and individual perspectives. Aggregate results could also be provided from age group, seniority, team, job function, geography and gender angles.

Potential benefits include:

  • Awareness of Organization and Individual’s Future-Readiness
  • Understanding Future-Readiness at Group and Individual Level
  • Strengthening Organization’s and Individual’s Ability to Lead or Respond to Disruptive Changes
  • Enhancing Ambidexterity of Organization and Individual

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