The Innovator’s Mindset For Leaders, Entrepreneurs & ManagersChange Your Mindset, Change Your Future!

We are fast accelerating into the 4.0 World as the Fourth Industrial Revolution rapidly unfolds.  Many fields, industries, professions and businesses will see more transformation in the next ten years than the last fifty. We will witness the radical transformation of Business, Technology, Industry, Economy, Workforce, Jobs, and even Society and Government from the 3.0 old version to the 4.0 future reality.​

However, our mindsets, mental models and success formulas are still 3.0-based, which will be obsolete sooner than we think. Mindset is a person’s world view and way of thinking that was conditioned from learning and experiences. In other words, it is a person’s operating system and predetermines his or her actions and interpretations, and ultimately, success or failure. Today, almost all of us are engaged in 3.0 thinking, extrapolating 3.0 successes and extending 3.0 strategies. This is not only inadequate, but risky and futile as it fails to recognise and respond to the paradigm shift and revolutionary transformation we are undergoing. Instead, we must unlearn old mindsets and adopt a whole new way of thinking for the 4.0 world. We call this Mindset 4.0 or the Innovator’s Mindset.

​Whether you are an executive, entrepreneur, engineer (or whatever profession you are in), the Innovator’s Mindset will help you leap ahead of the curve and competition, seize the mega-opportunities and avoid disruption and lead your organisation and yourself through this technological revolution. Upgrade your 3.0 Manager’s Mindset to the latest 4.0 Innovator’s Mindset now!


  • Format: Experiential & Imaginative Workshop
  • Duration: 1/2 to 1 Day
  • Audience: Executives, Entrepreneurs, Engineers, Educators, Policymakers, Professionals
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Charlie’s strong message on “disruptive future is not an extension of the yesterday we know” deserves our serious attention with immediate mindset shift and behaviourial change. Especially in our approach to educating ourselves and our next generations!

Teng Theng Dar
former CEO, Singapore Business Federation & Chairman, APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC)

Charlie is an astute thinker, engaging writer and inspirational speaker on how rapidly advancing technologies will impact the economy, business and people today and in the future. I benefited both professionally and personally from his deep insights. Thank you, Charlie!

Xander Friedländer
Senior Vice President, Retail Insight
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