Preparing Children For An “Only the Innovators Survive” FutureWISE

The world of work is poised to undergo seismic transformation in the coming decades, arguably the biggest since the industrial revolution and as the creative destruction of industries accelerates. Many of the jobs today will not exist in 2030s and vice versa, many jobs in 2030s are not yet invented. The old “operator” jobs in the industrial economy will be superseded by the new “innovator” opportunities in the digital era. Massive value will be created and captured by innovators, while operators will face a losing battle against their digital counterparts. Powerful yet affordable technologies will be available for innovators to solve real-world problems, which will inevitably involve automating inefficient manual processes.

With such a dramatic future where “only the innovators survive”, how can we prepare our next generation to become innovators? Innovators have existed since time immemorial and can be found in every society and profession. They are the very few outliers who push the frontier of science, challenge the boundaries of possibility and advance the progress of humankind. How can we extract the essence of these few innovators, adapt it to the digital era and inculcate it in the future workforce? What are the traits of the digital era innovators who will be able to harness digital intelligence, instead of being replaced by it?

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Charlie’s strong message on “disruptive future is not an extension of the yesterday we know” deserves our serious attention with immediate mindset shift and behaviourial change. Especially in our approach to educating ourselves and our next generations!

Teng Theng Dar
former CEO, Singapore Business Federation & Chairman, APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC)

Charlie is an astute thinker, engaging writer and inspirational speaker on how rapidly advancing technologies will impact the economy, business and people today and in the future. I benefited both professionally and personally from his deep insights. Thank you, Charlie!

Xander Friedländer
Senior Vice President, Retail Insight
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